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What could be the future of travel agents post COVID19 pandemic? What are the options?

What do you envision for the near and long term future of the travel industry? 
I am not here to provide my fellow professionals any solid career option that could re-build your career overnight post-pandemic, rather being a tourism professional I wonder what could be the future of travel agents and tour operators amid a surge in COVID19 pandemic?
I am still brooding over the financial situation of tourism professionals ever since many of our friends have been laid off this month. Believe me, I am writing this article most earnestly. It seems more like play than writing an article as it comes from within. 
As the article progresses, you will realize that you can't rebuild your career like quick but you can at least try to recover from your career setbacks.
Job insecurity in the Tourism Sector:
As we can see the damage that has happened to the hospitality industry during the spread of COVID19, is huge. Millions of jobs could be lost. In some cases, jobs have already been disappeared in …
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COVID 19 Lockdown 4.0 : How to apply online e-pass for interstate movement( state-wise lockdown e-pass)

With an extension of lockdown 4.0 until May 31, 2020, the central government of India has given some gradual ease on inter-state travel movement for the general public. The central government has also empowered the state governments to decide upon inter-state travel from red, green, and orange zones. The government has decided to ease travel restrictions to help people move out from one state to their home town safely. The government has put forward new guidelines for opening up activities gradually. To ease travel restrictions, the government has come up with an online system to issue an e-pass for inter-state travel. The central government of India has made it easy by developing one single online application for issuing e-pass for most of the states in India. 19 states of India have already joined the central government with this online platform to issuance the e-pass for interstate travel. You will not need an e-pass for driving to the airport to catch a flight within the city or subu…

Mathura - A birthplace of Lord Krishna. How to plan Mathura Vrindavan Tour?

Mathura is a birthplace of Lord Krishna, situated in Uttar Pradesh, India. Vrindavan is an adjacent town that is also associated with Lord Krishna’s life. Mathura is a place where Lord Krishna was born and Vrindadavn is a town where he spent his youth. Mathura is the most sacred shrine of Lord Krishna in India. Other venerable temples of Lord Krishna in India are Dwarika in Gujarat and Guruwayoor in Kerala. The presiding deity of this region is Lord Krishna, but the interesting fact is that Radha-Krishna is worshiped together here. Hindu devotees and followers earnestly believe that they are not two separate bodies but one divine energy.

Devotees throng here in huge numbers because of this town’s divine energy upholding devotion towards Lord Krishna. The "Krishna Janam Bhoomi" temple is one of India's most sacred temples in Mathura. The “Krishna Janm Bhoomi” literally means “The birthplace of Lord Krishna”. Lord Krishna was born in the prison. You can still go and see the…

Domestic flights to resume in India from May 25, 2020: Guidelines to follow & frequently asked questions

The Government of India, Ministry of Civil Aviation has issued an order on May 21, 2020, for recommencement of domestic flights in India, but in “Calibrated Manner”.
Announcing the order, Minister for Civil Aviation Hardeep Singh Puri said domestic commercial passenger flights were suspended for two months due to nationwide lockdown and would resume in a calibrated manner from May 25, 2020.
In order to ensure the safety of passengers amid covid19 pandemic, he has further announced the “general guidelines” to be followed by fliers and also mentioned about the SOP (specific Operating Procedure) for Airlines, Airport Operators, and agencies). The Government has also advised very elderly people, pregnant women, and passengers with ailments to avoid air travel amid COVID 19.
He has also said regarding seat arrangement in aircrafts that he would not recommend to have middle seat kept vacant as Airlines industry has been going through rough patches, provided that SOP guidelines are followed p…

COVID 19 could affect Char Dham Yatra 2020 : All four temples opened but no pilgrims allowed.

With tourism suspended in Uttarakhand for the time being, it will certainly hammer the Uttarakhand tourism revenue. Tourism is major revenue generating industry in Uttarakhand and Chardham yatra is the highest revenue earning source that gives a boost to the tourism sector in Uttarakhand. Unfortunately it is not likely to happen in 2020. Though hopes are high let’s see what happens.
What is Char Dham Yatra?
Chardham refers to four major Hindu temples situated in the hills of Garhwal Himalayas region in Uttarakhand. Char means four and Dham means abode of God. Chardham yatra covers the pilgrimage of four sacred Hindu shrines namely Badrinath, Kedarnath, Yamunotri, and Gangotri. Official dates for opening portals are announced every year well before the commencement of yatra.
Latest on Char Dham Yatra:
All four shrines are officially open now with an opening the portals of Badrinath Dham on 15th May 2020 at last. The opening ceremony was done with a limited gathering including the head prie…