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India bans the UK flights to slow spread of new coronavirus strain

  India joined several other countries, including Germany, France, Italy and Ireland, to ban travel from the UK to prevent the spread of a new strain of the Coronavirus. As far as India is concerned, India has suspended flights to and from the UK till 31 December amid concern that unrestricted movement will trigger a quick surge in covid cases.   No flights will arrive in India until 31 December 2020, and vice versa. However, international all-cargo flights and special flights allowed by the Indian aviation regulator will continue to operate.   India has been engaged in an air bubble arrangements with as many as 23 countries, including the US and UK. Flight will resume with the government directives after 31 December 2020.   Vistara and Air India are the only Indian airlines to operate flights to the UK, while British airlines Virgin Atlantic and British Airways operate flights to India and back. “Vistara will comply with the government’s decision to suspend all flights o
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India to resume International flights from/to US, France & UAE

United Airlines International flights to the US, France resume on an interim basis   International flights to resume in India on 17 th July 2020 via “Air Bubble”. According to the Indian Civil Aviation Minister Mr. Hardeep Singh Puri, Air France will operate 28 flights between Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore to Paris from July 18 till August 1. United Air will operate 18 flights between Delhi, Mumbai to Newark till 31 July. Under this establishment, services will carry a possible number of people but under defined conditions as countries are still imposing entry restrictions, including India,' said aviation minister Hardeep Singh Puri's tweet Putting an end to the long wait of international flyers, the Union Civil Aviation Mini ster said that the international flights will start operation to the US from today via “Air Bubble”. He tweeted on this important issue. “ In an initiative to further expand our international civil aviation operations, air

Nagaland Tourism : Khonoma (North East India)– The first green village of Asian continent

Khonoma Village North East India Tour – Khonoma near Kohima Nagaland is a vibrant hill state located in the extreme northeast of India bounded by Myanmar in the East is Assam in the West Arunachal Pradesh and a part of Assam in the North with Manipur in the south. It offers a rich and incomparable tradition and cultural heritage. The tour of  Khonoma is one of the best places to see in North East India. One of the Seven Sisters states of India, Nagaland is covered mostly by high mountains. The capital of the stated is Kohima, which is the largest city is Dimapur. Dimapur has the only airport as for now and the airfare is pretty affordable. The roads of Nagaland are pretty bumpy on some patches at present. There used to be proper roads here but due to construction of 4 lane highway it is all in ruins for now after two years when you come back you will find nicely done roadways well the construction of the four-lane highway is under process but the scenic beauty alongs

Haridwar Kumbh Mela 2021 Amid COVID19 : Main bathing dates and Shahi Snan Dates

Kumbh Mela Haridwar Haridwar Maha Kumbh Mela 2021 Kumbh Mela will be held in Haridwar next year in 2021. The Kumbh Mela will start on January 14, 2021. The main bathing dates and Shahi Snan dates have already been announced by the government of Uttarakhand. The first Shahi Snan of Maha Kumbh Mela will be held on March 11, 2021, and the last Shahi Snan will take place on April 27, 2021, in Haridwar.  Kumbh Mela event is one of the largest congregations of Hindu pilgrims in the history of mankind, which takes place every 12 years in rotation at four sacred Hindu places of Haridwar, Prayagraj, Ujjain, and Nasik. Kumbh Mela is thronged by jillions of Hindu devotees, saints & sages, Agoris, and various Hindu Akharas making this event unprecedented. Get the details about Shahi Snan bathing dates of Maha Kumbh Mela. Kumbh Mela Haridwar, 2021 - Shahi Snan dates : First Shahi Snan: March 11, 2021, Thursday (Maha Shivratri) Second Shahi Snan: April 12, 2021, Monday (Somv

Top 10 tips on how to start a career in travel & Tourism industry post-COVID 19: Challenges, Insecurity, Fear & Learning.

How to make a career in the tourism Industry A career in travel & tourism post COVID19 Making a career in the tourism sector is not as simple as it was before COVID19. Apparently, I will emphasize more on tips that are required to get ahead in professional life especially post-pandemic. I have put together the top 10 tips for aspiring tourism professionals on how to start a career in the hospitality industry. Job career in the tourism industry is not about hanging out in 5-star hotels, bars, restaurants, and dining out with foreigners. It is about providing friendly and attentive customer service with valuable information to the clients. The travel and tourism industry is dying at the moment as the industry is facing an unprecedented challenge due to the spread of the dreaded coronavirus in the world. This career demands humbleness, friendliness, good communication skill, and patience to be successful in this industry. You should have these qualities if you want

What could be the future of travel agents post COVID19 pandemic? What are the options?

What do you envision for the near and long term future of the travel industry?  I am not here to provide my fellow professionals any solid career option that could re-build your career overnight post-pandemic,  rather being a tourism professional I wonder what could be the future of travel agents and tour operators amid a surge in COVID19 pandemic? I am still brooding over the financial situation of tourism professionals ever since many of our friends have been laid off this month. Believe me, I am writing this article most earnestly. It seems more like play than writing an article as it comes from within.  As the article progresses, you will realize that you can't rebuild your career like quick but you can at least try to recover from your career setbacks. Job insecurity in the Tourism Sector: As we can see the damage that has happened to the hospitality industry during the spread of COVID19, is huge. Millions of jobs could be lost. In some cases, jobs hav